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 We focus on FPV Apparel

& Drone Racing Equipment.

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Company it’s based in

Phoenix, Arizona

United States of America


Andres Flores(Founder)

also known as “qtrx_fpv” on Instagram & YouTube.

From Phoenix, Arizona.


Cisco (Co-Founder)

also known as “Deadcell_fpv on Instagram & YouTube.

from San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico.


Bryant Barnard (Product Design) also known as “B_manbarnard121″

From Chandler, Arizona.



 Cole Bz (3D Printing )

Also known by “Cole_bz”

on Facebook & Instagram.

From Seattle, Washignton.



Travis Wisotzkey (Sponsored Pilot)

also known as “Netechofpv on Instagram & YouTube

from Council Bluffs, IA.

Tristin Gilbert  (Sponsered pilot)

also know as “Racebot_fpv” on Instagram & YouTube

From Lincoln, Wisconsin.

Diana Mariel (Graphic Design)

also known as “Dmdamita” on Instagram.

from Sinaloa, Mexico.


Ben Sampey (Artist)

Also known as “Ben_sampey” 

From Christchurch, New Zealand.



Thank’s to them quadtronix was possible!